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Text counter / Letter count online, count Character and Paragraph Apps Tools now Available in

Text counter online / letter counter live apps tools Now available
Increase your productivity and SEO optimizing 

Several rules SEO optimization need to follow are the minimum and limitation Character.
like example : 
- for subject the requirement for Title is no more than 70 character.
- for content minimum requirement 300 character, and 
  Recommendation for best result for the content are 400 words 

If so, before posting your ads, please considerate to using Text Counter first to optimize your title or your content
also in your School / Education Field sometime need to create story board / task
with minimum paragraph requirement .
and others..

Now you can optimize it with eitren Text Counter tools

To access application Text Counter just click menu Tools
and choose the tools you need
no need any installation or configuration.. and
All is for Free..

And + Features, You also can utilize this application in your website
eitren prepared embed code, just
Paste the code into your website and get directly Count from your website..

visit and Bookmark this link

and to access another useful live application

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