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Appreciate to Our Mr. President Joko Widodo in Papua , SnowTree special Video
Welcoming PON XX in PAPUA, Irian Jaya Island

Video Compilation about
some of Touching/Care activity by President Indonesia
Mr. Joko Widodo ( JOKOWI ) in Papua during National Sport Week ( PON XX )

Papua Torang Bisa
Indonesia Maju
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika
God Bless Mr. Jokowi
God Bless Indonesia

Video Segment :
00:17   Welcome President Jokowi to the land of Papua
00:37 the President stopped in the middle of the road to visit the street seller
 and meet the orphanage children
 they are very grateful for President visit and buy Noken ( Traditional Papua Hand Made Bag )
02:47 Mr President  stopped by the corn stall to visit the people
03:30 Mr President join the farmer people
03:57 a little girl who is a big fan of Pak Jokowi was given the opportunity to take pictures
 She was very grateful and pray for God to bless Pak Jokowi
05:03 Another girl with a hysterical scream called Pak Jokowi too, 
 and was given the opportunity to take a photo
 she was very happy can see directly, and thank you for visiting in Sorong Distric
05:39 a young man was given a jacket by Mr. Jokowi,
 and the man is so happy and thankful
06:42 a young man who got a response from Pak Jokowi, he was grateful and pray to God bless pak Jokowi.
07:25 the Opening Ceremony moment of PON XX (National sports week) Mr. President joined some Boys to play 
10:25 God Bless our President Mr Jokowi
10:35 God Bless Indonesia
 Bhinneka Tunggal Ika ( The Diversity of One )

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