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Contact Name: nuha Ad

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Contact Name: Gerar Sihura

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Contact Name: cdeasia

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Contact Name: Bakgiyam Engineering

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Contact Name: Osman Ibrahim


MicroSite name: alazharmemorialgarden
Contact Name: Yoni Haryono


MicroSite name: servicewikatangerang
Contact Name: Service Wika Tangerang 0881-8070-311


MicroSite name: servicewikajakartabarat
Contact Name: Service Wika Jakarta Barat 0881-8070-311


MicroSite name: servicewikajakartautara
Contact Name: Service Wika Jakarta Utara 0881-8070-311


MicroSite name: servicewikajakartatimur
Contact Name: Service Wika Jakarta Timur 0881-8070-311


MicroSite name: servicewikajakartaselatan
Contact Name: Service Wika Jakarta Selatan 0881-8070-311


MicroSite name: servicesolahartdepok
Contact Name: Service Solahart Depok 0881-8070-311

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Currently showing All microSite Creator Member List - eitren , microSite is also same with Landing Page, when somebody join eitren automatically also microSite created. microSite / Landing page will help visitor to get your ads / product / offering more easy and complete. In one portal you can show all yours like your profile, contact, website ( backlink ) your ecommerce link ( backlink ), show your Ads / article, your story, your image or video, your eCommerce product and your online product or services offering. Every one who joined eitren would have this microSite.

In eitren we separate it Ads into 3 main module which are : 1. Ads Post ( Text , image and video ) usually this for SEO purpose to gain traffic, you an post artcle, story, more original content means you will get more traffic, so maximize your content with this feature ( Ads Posting ), 2. eCommerce Post ( Product for sale ) usually this for gain eCommerce conversion, this post will combine with Ads post together so visitor can easy to get your product, this ecommerce post when visitor click then will send them to your ecommerce site. 3. online Product Post ( Online / Software apps ) usually this for software/apps/games purpose, if you have online business needs traffic, leads you can post easily, and this also same like eCommerce post, will combine with your ads post to maximize CTR.

All this 3 ads module will show in your microSite / landing page All this 3 ads also will show in you detail ads page so if you have eCommerce or online product don’t forget to create ads post. How to get microSite and the url Name? If you already have an account in eitren, claim now, after login just click on update microSite button choose your microSite Name, this name also will use as your microSite URL Name example: https://www.eitren.com/u/eitrenid ( eitrenid is microSite name ).


and you shall receive the answer