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MicroSite mostly is somekind of Landing Page, so how microSite can Boost your Website Traffic and SEO ?

In some reason microSite could bring more traffic to your website, why?
thats because with can make the page more specific product content with A/B test

One of the main features of microSite, Members will have a plus central information
Members can using as brand awareness also can increase their website traffic and product sales by posting eCommerce ads.

In the microSite page visitors will get :
1. Information about your business
2. Product on Sale / Hot offer via eCommerce 
3. Posting Information / Articles / promotions 
4.Social Media

and for Publisher / Business owner will get :
1. increasing brand awareness 
2. get more web Authority / rank
3. get leads and Increase  CPA / Sales conversions,
4. as showcase and back link

and should Member/Publisher need to have attention :
1. chose their URL / link name same / related to the product that need to promoted
2. Fill up all contact including official support
3. Fill up Official Website and Social Media 
4. Posting Quality content to get indexed by Search Engine 
5. Provide a Professional image design ( this can increase your CTR )
6. Keep Posting Eds/Article/eCommerce update regulary
7. Join several forum/community/blog also
8. Create and post more, Find a website can offering those features, with multiple quality microSite can increase your Back link  and Authority Rank

One of the the website that offering Free Microsite :, in eitren now you can :
1. Create a Free microSite
2. Posting Free Ads and eCommerce
3. Trending Marketing tools support

Create your own microSite now, it's free!
and post your ads and E-commerce advertising, eCommerce ad is expected to increase the CTR / conversion of your product sales.

eCommerce ads in eitren will displayed in several main page :
1. Your microSite page (for those who are already members will immediately update their microSite)
2. Homepage page
3. Your detail ad page
4. Member page

Free advertising features:
Advertising on eitren is not like in general, because what we emphasize is the quality of its SEO ads,
The categories we provide are very unique, in broad outline are:
- Classified / Advertising: advertise property, automotive, electronic, fashion, health, culinary and others
- Business: promotion of opportunities / marketing opportunities, online business, offline business, which has goods / products and which are not / services
- Software: increase downloads of Applications, software, Apps and Games
- Images: Place display ads, quotes, life, work, romance, and viral images / images / photos / background / themes / wallpaper / profile
- video: spread the video link, YouTube, Facebook, get additional subscriptions and likes in the categories of life, technology video, and viral video.

- You also can post with no limitation item, no expired duration , can post Text, Images and Video.
Feel Free to Post Now. Try IT. 
And also get your own microSite / landing pages / sub pages for free, also support tools like optimizing images, text counter, and so on..
we also offering business online, marketing, digital marketing, advertising, promotion for software, application that's useful to support your office. we recommended you to visit our site and create some account to boost your traffic with several focusing category. build your Brand, build your traffic, and get your Selling Conversion.

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