eitren seo and soacial digital marketing text counter

Optimize your SEO by optimizing the character length of titles, descriptions, H1, H2, etc … we also provide a free plugin / embed code for your website.

For SEO purposes, sometimes there are some input fields that are intended to contain numbers and automatically add the numbers entered by the user. For example, meta Title best practice total character not more than 70 – 80, for meta description, which is recommended for good SEO is around 150-300. So every time we type in the title or description we must count the character.

For Digital Marketing like blog, need content more than 500 character, 1000 character, 2000 character, etc.

Social media purpose, some of them limit only 250 character, like Twitter. So we need to optimize our title/content to fit that limitation.

Now with eitren Text Counter, you can count it/know it Realtime with easy, just copy paste or directly type it..

with eitren Text Counter Features, you can count :

  • how much paragraph
  • how much sentences
  • how much letter
  • how much space
  • how much character

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