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Speedy Climbs high wall From Shaneparkour

Sat, 12 Oct 2019 0:39:49 +0700 - 397 viewed

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Speedy Climbs high wall From Shane parkour

Video Posted : 5 Oct 2019
When 12 Oct 2019

A climb-up is the name of an iconic parkour skill that is essentially the real-world, urban application of a muscle-up, on a wall, fence, or similar barrier. Along with landing, rolling, and falling, climb-ups high wall are amongst the most useful and common of all parkour movements. In an obstacle course or a real-life situation in which you could benefit from knowing a bit of parkour, getting up quickly (climb-up) and getting down safely (landing, rolling, & falling) are two of the most important movement domains to explore.  Unfortunately, these fundamental techniques are also some of the most neglected in practice because they require loads of hard work and clever training in order to own; typically many months, if not years.

How speed you climb-up high wall?

Video show here :

Speedy Climbs high wall From Shaneparkour

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